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Marathon Monday 4/14/19 - Big K.R.I.T

April 15th, 2019

Welcome once more to Marathon Monday, inspired by Nipsey Hussle I’m talking about artists I really fuck that I want to make sure I spread the word about. Today I gotta talk about Big K.R.I.T (bitch if you don’t know what K.R.I.T mean by now then you super late) he is easily one of my favorite rappers going right now tied with Lupe Fiasco who he just happens to have a song with (blog will only let embed 5 links)

Krit is from Mississippi which you will find out very quickly if you listen to any of his past works. Being from Georgia myself and growing up loving East Coast hip hop he is a perfect combination of music that knocks and lyricism. I first came across him much like Nipsey, on MTV Jams with the video “Children of the World” from his mixtape Krit Wuz Here

Shit was JAMMIN, dude was from the south, spitting that real, lyrics were fire, it had substance, everything I loved. I’ve been a HUGE Krit fan since. Now do your googles on Krit. He has a ton of mixtapes so get friendly with Dat Piff. He also has 3 albums. I personally recommend you listen in chronological order because he does reference his past work a lot and it’s all good. I want to drop just a couple of my favorite mixtape tracks starting with one that meant a lot to me and helped me get through some rough times including my grandmother’s death. 

I could keep posting so much about Krit, I just want to “briefly” touch on his albums Live from the Underground, Cadillactica, and 4eva is a Mighty Long Time, the latter being a double disc featuring the Big Krit side and Justin Scott side. They are all great albums, I just bring up the mixtapes first place to understand references and show the great between projects. That said you need to know about the original “MT Olympus” before he was forced to redo the beat due to sample issues.

As I said I could talk and talk about Krit and I feel this already longer than it should be so I’m just going to end this with his NPR “Tiny Desk Concert”