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April 29th, 2019

Marathon Monday 4/29/19 - Bas

Bas is a sudanese rapper repping Queens by way of Paris, now if that doesn’t already have intrigued maybe I should also mention he’s signed to J.Cole’s Dreamville imprint is 2nd only to Cole himself when it comes to releases with 3 albums to Cole’s 4. Personally all 3 albums are very good, maybe even great with no skips outside of interludes between them so to make this simple I figure a song or 2 from each album would be how I introduce you to Bas and hopefully you go check out his albums. Starting with “Fiji Water in My Iron” from his debut album Last Winter.

I first came across Bas thanks to itsthereal and their podcast A Waste of Time, after hearing his story I was intrigued so I went and checked out the album he was promoting Too High To Riot which features one of my favorite quotables “my best pick up line is young nigga with money” 

Thanks to his latest album Milky Way I got to see Bas live in Denver (check my ig for pics from the show that I’ll be posting to accompany the article @shotbytherobot) I’ve purposely avoided Cole features until now because I want you to get to know Bas but I had to add Tribe so you can see what these two often do together. 

And my favorite song on the album which closes both the write up and this album out

I hope you dig Bas like I do, he’s easily one of my favorite artists out right now, he flawlessly weaves New York lyricism with dope melodies and I can’t think of a Bas song that I don’t like.