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Marathon Monday 5/13/19 - Phonte Pt 1

May 13th, 2019

I’ve been thinking about how to properly do this one for a while. If you’re familiar with Phonte and his iterations you know why. Phonte formerly 1/3rd of Little Brother, ½ of Foreign Exchange, is a rapper and singer from North Carolina and sadly low key one of the best rappers period. With that in mind and not wanting to rush this, this will be a multi parter talking about the various groups and talents of Phone NEW TIGGALO! NEW TIGGALO! NEW TIGGALO!

I first came across Little Brother in 2005 or so with their single “Lovin’ It” from their album The Minstrel Show which is a classic in my opinion including the interludes and songs by Percy Miracles (go listen!)

The group consisting of Phonte, Rapper Big Pooh, and DJ/Producer 9th Wonder all from North Carolina was dope but Phonte was the stand out rapper of the group, till this day one of my favorite opening lines comes from the song “We Got Now” skip to 1:26 if you don’t want to listen to the whole song

I tried to work wit niggas, don’t wanna jerk them niggas
But everybody runnin around thinking they murderers
Gave birth to niggas, and when I burp them niggas
They spit up old lines that I fed to them earlier
And this is what the state of hip-hop is like
I’m thinkin’, “Damn, this cannot be right”
And I agree that everybody’s a biter
But if you Xerox the style, then that’s infringin’ on my copy, right?

UGH HE CAN SPIT!! I had to go back to the earlier albums and fell in love, lets talking about this jam from their debut album The Listening

He has the stand out verse once again and IT DIDN’T EVEN RHYME!!

Now sadly due to creative differences, label woes, and possibly other issues like lack of commercial success Little Brother did break up but they gave us this last album The Getback though it was without 9th Wonder, it was still well produced as always and gave us my favorite song on the album “Dreams”

I want to leave you all with just one more Little Brother song to close this out and I think it has to be the song that opens up Minstrel Show and got me hooked on Little Brother and Phonte in particular “Beautiful Morning”

Enjoy the songs, dive into the Little Brother discography and come back next week where we talk about solo Phonte.