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Marathon Monday 5/20/19 - Phonte Pt 2

May 20th, 2019

Welcome to anyone who is fucking with this ongoing thing of mine I call Marathon Monday. Today we do part 2 of Phonte and talk about his solo rap music. Sadly as a rapper Phonte has only put out two full projects, Charity Starts at Home (2011), and No News is Good News (2018). Any rapper you love respects Phonte’s pen, always spitting grown man rap you will find him to be more relate-able than Jay Z, he’s never flexing his riches but talking about the ups and downs of life, relationships, dealing with family and health. 

It’s like chasin a high, you just wanna get a hit
Just wanna get a taste, just wanna benefit
Everyday we wake up there’s the legitimate
Struggle between doin whats right, and just doin some nigga shit

This line at the beginning of the second verse always hits me, as someone who works a day job to pay the bills, this song is pretty much my life as I pursue a career in photography and/or design but until then the lights gotta stay on my cats need food. 

The Life of Kings however expounds upon how money isn’t of course the end all be all, and how used improperly amounts to nothing and of course I had to drop in that Big K.R.I.T. has a feature

Hit the city to see one of my school mates
Making six figures but she still got a roommate
Just to have a downtown apartment and some outfits
And you asking why I never leave the south, shit…

Now as a fan of music imagine my surprise when I go hit apple music one Friday last year and I see a new album by Phonte, I’m so hype I immediately play it track 1 is bit of a intro with him singing and rapping but track 2 booooooooy

They say they want bars but it’s unfounded
Cuz when they get bars niggas be dumbfounded
My mind is clear and the vision is unclouded
Cap gun rappin’, where the fuck’s the gunpowder?
Chuck D said “My Uzi weighs a ton,” now it’s
Time to go the distance in a ring full of one-rounders
Still pacin’, still gracin’ hard beats ever since y’all car seats was still rear facin’

SIR, you have no idea how many times I ran this back and hit my boy DeRon immediately saying DID YOU HEAR THAT NEW PHONTE?!?!!? I listen to this song often and it’s my go to song for everyone who asks me about BARS!

This leads into Pastor Tigallo and I want to highlight part of the third verse here 

It was a late night and I was set on a drive down 85
Wonderin’ why the best
Ideas only come to me when I’m alone or I’m depressed
Whatever happens to a rhyme deferred?
4 bars at a loss for words, hoping that I find the rest
It’s like a wound that never heals, a void that never fills
And I’m thinkin’, is it by design or by request?
I really oughta take some time to rest this can’t be healthy
Maybe I’m possessed, maybe I’m a mess

Rapping about depression, self doubt, a rhyme (dream) deferred, I may never be Jay Z, but things like this I can relate to when it comes to Phonte. 

I want to close out on “Expensive Genes” where Phonte raps about health which is something we in the black community always know is an issue. I use to make the joke that I was going to die in 20 years at 52 because of bacon. Short but very poignant.

Listening to this made me go do some pull ups because I already have issues driven by my awful diet. Phonte is for the people! With that I’m going to leave you for this week, but there is more next week! YUP THIS ISN’T JUST A 2 PARTER THIS MAN IS TALENTED!